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Have you ever wanted to try out a small local shop but were unable to find a bargain to entice you to buy something? We know that feeling all to well, not only as shoppers, but as a business as well.

Speaking as a shopper, at times I've found an item I liked but there was no incentive for me to part with my money. Had that merchant mailed me an introduction with a compelling offer to help me part with my money, or had I found a great coupon in the mail or on a rack, I would have been more likely to buy it - especially if it was a great deal.

The website was created to help shoppers find offers. We are almost ready to launch and add local small businesses. If you want to be featured FREE, sign up for our email messages to let us know and stay informed. We are also looking for independent sales reps in select cities to join us.

If you are a merchant looking for cost effective affordable promotions then drop us a note so that we can help you reach a broader audience...